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Superior Metal fabrication Hartford CT

Excel Steel is one of the finest Hartford CT steel fabrication companies, servicing residential and commercial clients to all of Connecticut. Our company specializes in the design, construction, delivery, and installation of metal structures. With over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, we have the capabilities to complete all your fabrication needs, on time and within budget. From small-scale fabrication and welding to large-scale structural steel jobs, our experts will work closely with your architects, structural engineers, and contractors to help get the job done professionally.

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Metal fabricators Hartford CT

Reliable Metal Fabrication Hartford CT Solutions: Work With a Trustworthy Company

Metal fabrication is the process of shaping and assembling raw materials into a finished metal part of a structure. The process adds value to the material by transforming it into usable end products. Metal fabrication is a science and an art. Its extensive range of nuances and techniques makes it important to work with an experienced metal fabricator for every project. At Excel Steel, we pride ourselves on being the most trusted metal fabrication Hartford CT company. Our outstanding craftsmanship and high attention to detail has earned us a name of excellence among many businesses in Connecticut.  You can count on us to get the job done right, no matter how big or small. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive metal fabrication services.

Our Hartford CT Services

Excel Steel strongly believes that metal is the backbone of modern architecture, which is why solid construction from a reputable company is a must. To help with that, we do its fabrication, erection, and detailing. Our team will work closely with you to construct your vision. We offer you comprehensive services that include: turnkey design packages, creative solutions to complex designs or structural problems, efficient construction timeframes, and fully detailed fabrication drawings.

Welding Hartford CT

Metal Fabrication Hartford CT

When you require trustworthy metal fabricators in Hartford, CT, there is no company that compares to Excel Steel. With us, you can have your fabrication needs completed, delivered, or installed right when you need them. We keep a sizable inventory of materials so we can fabricate and process a variety of metals to your specifications without any delays.

Metal fabrication Hartford CT

Installation & Delivery

Excel Steel aims to serve all sectors in Connecticut by providing the highest quality, safe, and on-time delivery and installation of your items. With us, you will receive top-notch customer service and competitive pricing on all jobs, no matter how big or small. We employ the most advanced technology and industry best practices to get the job done right.

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Structural Detailing Services

At Excel Steel, we also create detailed structural steel drawings and erection drawings according to your specifications, while maintaining the guidelines set by AISC, NISD, NOMMA, SFNE and OSHA. We have the experience to deliver cost-effective, accurate structural steel detailing services for any project, regardless of size or scope.

Metal fabricators Hartford CT

Residential Services

Whether you need welding services in Hartford, CT, or steel fabricators in Newington, CT, Excel Steel is committed to delivering exceptional metalworks for CT residents. Our years of experience have allowed us to distinguish ourselves as the ultimate, first-choice supplier for builders and homeowners in their metal fabrication needs. Learn more about our residential services or request a quote below.

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Commercial Services

When you need steel products for a commercial or industrial project, we have the expertise and experience to deliver them. Excel Steel can supply you with large quantities at once, and we’re happy to ensure that your project gets completed on time and within budget. We provide accurate estimates, fast delivery, and top-notch service that meets your specific requirements perfectly.

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Miscellaneous Metal Services

At Excel Steel, we are ready to help when you require professional, diverse steel creations. Our work is built in compliance with your construction plans and with the highest quality materials, may it be steel, aluminum, stainless, or galvanized steel. We bring those ideas to life by offering custom fabrication services for many industries. Learn more about our misc. metal services or request a quote below.

The Metal Fabrication Process

There are several processes that go into metal fabrication. But the three main stages include:

Stage 1: Design

This is the initial stage of any metal fabrication process. We will work with you to develop detailed engineering drawings and drawings, outlining the specific measures for your metal parts and products.

Stage 2: Fabrication

This step entails the use of machines that are able to cut, bend, shape and assemble your metal parts or product.

Stage 3: Installation and Delivery

Our experienced steel erectors Hartford CT will assemble and join all the metal components that have been cut into a finished product. This is typically done using techniques such as welding, brazing, and riveting. After installation, we’ll do a quality to ensure the finished item meets the specifications of the engineering drawing.

Our Proven Process

Even though we work on large projects, we pride ourselves on being a smaller shop that's still able to product high quality work with a fast turnaround.

As a leading metal fabrication company in CT, our AWS, NOMMA, SFNE certifications assures the quality and durability of our work. In addition, despite being in a high-risk environment we are proud to have EMR recognition. This means we have a solid safety plan, and always adhere to regulations. Based on our expertise and experience, we’ve created an innovative methodology to guarantee that every project is a success.

Contact Us

Reach out to us with your name, drawings, specifications, location of project and any other project information. We will contact you and either provide a quote or set up an appointment.


We will work with project architects, engineers and managers to help create and additional required specifications. Need something specific? Let us know.


Once we have all the needed info, we will begin the project. We have a full shop and are able to complete everything in house which speeds up the process immensely.


After the fabrication process, our next step is to deliver and install your products. We have a fully-equipped field installation fleet to install them with any requirements.


Have a project in mind but need help with the details and logistics? Reach out to us. We can help with specifications. We have over 60 years of combined experience and are ready to help.

The 4 Most Common Types of Metal Fabrication Processes

There are many types of metal fabrication, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, here are the most commonly used metal fabrication techniques:

Welding is one of the most common types of metal fabrication. It involves joining two pieces of metal together by heating them to a high temperature and then cooling them to fuse together. Welding is very strong and can be used to create large structures.

Cutting entails splitting a workpiece into smaller sections. While sawing is the oldest cutting method, modern methods include plasma arc cutting, laser cutting, waterjet cutting and more. There are many

different cutting methods, from manual and power tools to Computer Numerical Computer (CNC) cutters.

Bending is done to create a wide range of shapes and angles from a workpiece. The process entails the use of a press brake machine that creates creases in the metal by pinching it.

During casting, fabricators press the punch via the sheep metal, creating a hole in the desire size and shape. Additionally, punching can be done to create indentations in the metal sheet as well as create features, such as countersinks and dimples.

Other important metal fabrication processes include drawing, casting, forging, turning, drilling and milling.



"We have utilized Excel Steel for fabrication of steel and aluminum weldments for the past 20 years. Unlike all their competitors, the company is focused on very high quality work with precision. Proper welding demands excellent skills to ensure not only a weld that has sufficient strength but also a weld that looks professional in the eyes of the customer. We have been completely satisfied with Jeff and his staff. They are competent, timely, and very responsive to any changes that inevitably occur during the manufacture of specialized components. We look forward to a continuing relationship in the future."
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Brian Carlton
President, HP Tooling Corporation
"It was a pleasure joining forces with Excel Steel as a major part of my team to develop a state of the art metal finishing line. All of the experiences throughout my association with Excel Steel on this project, and in general, have been overwhelmingly positive. With a vast knowledge in your area of contracting services Excel Steel consistently meets all deadlines and goes above and beyond what is required to get the job done. We are grateful for the contributions of Excel Steel and together we have forged a relationship that I see lasting for years to come.."
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David Audette
Dav-Co Metal Finishing
"Here at PCX I have been working with Jeff Tracy and Excel Steel for over three years. In that time we have sent countless projects their way because we know that we can rely on their quality, timeliness, and willingness to work within our strict guidelines. No matter the material or difficulty level of the job we are always confident that Excel Steel has what it takes to complete it on time and to a superior quality. I look forward to our continued work together in the coming years."
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Alex Maxwell
Continuous Improvement Specialist
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With 60 combined years of experience, you can trust Excel Steel to provide exceptional CT steel fabrication services. We’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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We employ only licensed professionals for our in-house fabrication team, allowing us to make safety a priority and ensuring your project results last.


Our workmanship is second to none. We stand by our services and back them up with a warranty to meet job specifications.

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The possibilities of metal fabrication are endless. Oftentimes, projects need to be custom made to meet the unique requirements of the user. For high quality metal fabrication solutions in Hartford CT, don’t hesitate to contact Excel Steel. We guarantee you precision workmanship, 5-star customer service and quick turnarounds.